Tips for a Cleaner Office Kitchen

The office kitchen is an important and invaluable amenity in any workplace. And employees rely on a clean and well-kept office kitchen to enjoy their lunch break and have snacks or coffee. A clean and sanitary kitchen area can help workers de-stress at specific times throughout the day. Also, cleanliness conveys that your business or company cares about its workers.

Here are some strategies that you can put in place in order to help keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Sanitize Countertops

Countertops might not seem like a huge health hazard, but they can easily and quickly harbor dangerous bacteria and germs. Kitchen counters are usually used to prepare food, and this, in itself, can spread germs.

You should ensure that workers clean countertops after and before food preparation. Also, make sure that kitchen countertops are not simply cleaned but also sanitized regularly in order to help stop the spread of bacteria.

Stock the Right Cleaning Tools and Supplies

You should put paper towels, rags, and multi-surface cleaner on the countertop as well as extras under kitchen cabinets. An upright dustpan, stick broom, mop, and bucket are some other necessary items to have around.

Implement Basic Guidelines and Kitchen Etiquette

Set some basic rules in writing about good office kitchen etiquette. These procedures and policies mainly work to prevent strange smells, food spillage, and other issues that would lead to unnecessary kitchen cleaning.  While a kitchen policy may include anything that you like, you should create simple guidelines that are easy to follow for everyone in your company.

Work with a Commercial Cleaner

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is ideal for all office sizes. This is because it allows you to focus on your goals and productivity while experienced commercial cleaners keep your office kitchen spotless and clean.

Working with professional and experienced commercial cleaners will give you peace of mind about your kitchen’s cleanliness and keep your employees happy.


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