Pressure Washing

Do you have a facility that you’re responsible for maintaining, but don’t have time to keep it clean yourself? Then let One Stop take the load off with our commercial pressure washing experts who can complete your job it in a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Our commercial pressure washing services maintain an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness for many types of businesses, including:

No matter the type of building you’re responsible for, we bring the highest level of service and satisfaction to every one of our clients. This means that we can help you protect your investment, as well as the health of your employees, tenants, customers and associates.

Maintain Professionalism and Appeal

Nobody wants to work or shop at a dingy-looking commercial property, so you need to ensure that your property is well-maintained. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is often working against you. Winter and the summer monsoon bring heavy rains and epic haboobs (dust storms), which adds to tracked in dirt and grime. All this weather and just the normal foot traffic give your properties a dirty-looking appearance and a less-than-healthy environment for your tenants, business associates, and employees. One Stop commercial pressure washing is the cure for dingy sidewalks, entry ways, stairs and more.

Parking Lot Pressure Washing Services

You might think that since parking lots get driven on constantly, there’s no point in cleaning them. While on the surface, this would seem to make sense, there are many good reasons to keep your property’s parking lots and driveways clean with commercial pressure washing from One Stop.

First, the gradual buildup of oil, mold, mildew, and grime makes parking lots slippery, and therefore increase the chances of an accident occurring. This is an easy risk to eliminate. There’s no need to tempt lawsuits. We will help you keep your parking surfaces clean and safe.

Second, a customer or tenant’s opinions about your property start with the thing they’re most likely to see first – your parking lot and walkways. Most people would rather do business in a place with meticulously-maintained grounds. Not only does our pressure washing keep your lots looking clean, it also helps prevent potholes and cracks from forming. That goes right to your bottom line.

Gum Removal

Nothing ruins your day like looking down and seeing a sticky string of gum connecting the sole of your shoe to the ground. If you want to keep your tenants, patrons, employees or associates from experiencing this, routine pressure washing is the way to go. One Stop’s gum removal cleaning services get the gum out of there and remove sticky residue so that your tenant’s days don’t get spoiled and you’re not left with dark, dirt-attracting stains on your walkways.

Parking Garage Pressure Washing

One Stop’s parking garage pressure washing services performed by our professional have the same benefits as parking lot washing. We will keep surfaces from getting slick, prevent customers from tracking gum, oil, grime and other nasty things indoors. Let us help you leave your tenants with the impression that you care about maintaining your properties…because you do!

Shopping Cart Cleaning

No one likes grabbing a dirty shopping cart, and while a complementary wipe is nice, it does little to eliminate the black dirt and grime that build up on wire and plastic carts alike. If your customers rely on shopping carts, then it’s your job to make sure those carts are as clean and presentable as possible. One Stop offers shopping cart cleaning services so that instead of having to scrub or hose down your carts whenever buildup is bad enough, you can rely on us to do the cleaning for you. Just make a standing appointment for us to come clean your carts, and we’ll get the job done quickly, so your customers can focus more on their shopping and not on dirty carts.

Dumpster Cleaning

Who says your dumpster needs to smell like a dumpster? If your dumpster bins are dingy and smelling ripe, give One Stop a call. Our professionals we pressure wash and clean the area, making look and small like new again.

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